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Striving for Excellence

The practice of law requires a special set of skill sets in a both comprehensive and exclusive way.  However, we at The Law Office of Jonathan J. Moon try to take it to the next step by adding our own unique character.  Below are some of the standards and attributes we strive to practice by.

A Legal Partnership


The legal process can be a complicating and frustrating process for many people.  

That is why we, at The Law Office of Jonathan J. Moon, try to break down everything as simple as possible to fit everything into the client's perspective.  Our attorneys are not just interested in solving your problems, but building a relationship as well.  

We consider our clients not just customers, but partners, and our attorney-client relationship a partnership.  We stand next to you and guide your every step.

Systematic Guidance


The legal process, whether one is in the process of litigation, making business agreements or simply drafting a will, can be a complicating process.

Our experienced attorneys help our clients with a systematic approach to guide their every step. We spot issues and problems that may arise in the future so that there are no surprises down the road.

It's important for our clients to know all the twists and turns that may potentially arise.  If those problems do not occur, we are happy.  However, in the case they do, we make sure our clients are fully informed and prepared to take on whatever challenge that may come their way.

Zealous Advocation


Attorneys have the responsibility to represent their clients ethically and zealously within the boundaries of the law.  This is not something the attorney always remembers, but the client should expect none less as well.


Communication is an important aspect in meeting clients demands.  We make sure that there are no surprises.  

Most people may not be familiar with the legal process.  Even after retaining an attorney, a client may often be left in the dark as to how the matter or case will play out or progress.  We make sure to explain everything to our clients so they do not stay in the dark.  We also make constant contact with them to keep them informed with every new development.

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